Love is in the air…. Although it was not easy getting married to my wonderful, beautiful Filipina wife (Asawa) in 2007 is has been one long and continuous honeymoon. I could have not asked for a better person to enter my life, I tell her that she is my angel and has been heaven-sent. There are a lot of hoops you have to jump through to get your wife safe passage to the United States and you will see many how to books and lawyers that will tell you that they can do this work for you, I passed on them all and just by using a little common sense and the Love of my wife we made it all possible in a matter of  months were I have heard stories of it taking as long as years to get a wife a passport and visa to leave their country.  At the time I started the process I was living in Italy (no not in the military) but as an US civilian in Italy I had access to the military base there and some helpful advice came from there.  My wonderful wife kept telling that prayer was going to make things work out and sure enough they did she made two trips from her hometown in Cagayan de Oro to Manila and then she was able to join me in Italy from there getting her US visa was a lot easier and now four years later I could not be happier.  Plans in the future to buy us a home in the Philippines and do the summer month stay in the States and for the winter months will be in the Islands  🙂 To all you are Americans who have your Asawa I’m wishing you the happiness that I share with mine!

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