To start my Blog as a frequent flyer I thought that I would start with what everyone seems to be talking about these days “What’s Next.”  What happen to the days when the Airline passenger was treated like Royalty ? Today it’s more like a cattle call, stand in line, get you on and get you off and if you are lucky you get a smile. I was actually YELLED at by the airline stewardess when attempting to relieve myself as halfway down the isle the fasten seat belt sign came on ! I’ll be nice and not share my response here 🙂
Ticket prices are threw the roof, and paying for checking your bags ( I hope they arrive on the other end ) it makes makes you wonder “What’s Next!” There use to be a time I would tell myself one day I’m going to fly First Class, not anymore not unless I hit the Lotto ! Has the Airline just stop caring about the people that use their Airline by choice or is it true that they are now only interested in the all mighty dollar.
“OK” I’ll do it I’m going to name a couple of Airlines that still treat their passengers like Royalty so by the time you reach your destination you really feel great about having to take your trip and in many cases a once in a life time adventure ! My all time Favorites; (1) Lufthansa (2) Qatar  (3) Korean Air when traveling to the Philippines.
So please “Sound Off” I and many readers are interested in hearing from you, maybe as a I LOVE TO TRAVEL reader we can help each other find the best way to travel these days or the best travel spots for the best buck!

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