Growing up in the Windy City was a great experience
there was always something interesting to see or do, no matter what part of town
you travel to there is something happen ! The “Best” sports town ever Winter,
Summer, Spring or Fall you can follow Chicago Sports. Growing up on the South
Side I had the best of times, Lake Shore Drive, Grant Park, Museums, Bar B Q’s
on the lake front, Maxwell Street had the best Polish Sausage. Sure there was
the bad element that news loved to live off of but the good always outweighed
the bad. The winters were hard but so were we and it never seemed to put the
city to sleep, well maybe the occasional “Blizzard” and still we manage to turn
them into Cognac, Cards and sports on TV. The different neighborhoods were great
for any food taste you might have for any day of the week. Working hard and
partying hard is the city motto and helping each other is the Chicago

IT’S A WONDERFUL CITY….Where else can you find in the middle of a
asphalt jungle on a snowy winter day a Rain Forest 🙂

There is no better feeling then going
back home but instead of me trying to put it into words how about we take that
ride together !

I hope you enjoyed I know that I do every time I go home 🙂 Next stop Italy..>

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