The Philippines in the USA what a wonderful country, I thought that I would start this story by talking about what a great time we had at the County Philippine Fair, the food the music and the great friends we enjoyed it with only I can’t help thinking about what’s happening on Capitol Hill at the same time I’m writing this story. Why now is the US government just waking up to the fact that we have a deficit and why is this all of a sudden President Obama’s fault ? Was there not a Deficit when Bush was in office and was anyone complaining about giving him a blank check, I don’t think so ! Some how now the GOP Tea party is trying to make everyone think that within the time President Obama has been in office that he has created this Trillion dollar debt but not that he inherited Trillion’s of debt and the spending that his administration performed was to try to keep this country from a financial disaster.

The budget that former President Bush submitted to Congress in early-2007, projected the deficit to decline in each of the following four fiscal years. Not only did the deficit not decline the next four years in a row, but it nearly tripled in 2008 and from there more than tripled in 2009. Shockingly, Bush’s budget actually projected a $61 billion surplus in fiscal year 2012, but instead we will have a budget deficit of $1.1 trillion based on President Obama’s latest budget, which takes into account unrealistic GDP growth next year of 4.86%.

Now we are bombarded daily by the news that we have a group of Democrats and a group of Republicans who are suppose the be the best our country has to offer and what do we get but our House Speaker coming out of the chambers after a meeting on the deficit singing “Zippity – doo -dah” ??? This I’m sure makes everyone in this country other than the rich of course feel as if we are in good hands with such articulated, educated well expressed politicians that are leading our country. The intelligence agencies in this country must not be able to sleep at night thinking about instead of our country leaders make their jobs easier they are doing just the opposite and they happen to be one of the main reasons why there are now so many home grown terrorist ! This is not just me voicing my opinion but of the majority who are wondering “What is going on” ! Let me share

Some of you might be saying love it or leave it, well weather you want to believe it or not this is happening more and more each day people are doing just that leaving, this weekend I was wishing a family of friends farewell as they are departing to other parts of the world, just happens that they plan to move to lloilo city in the Philippines. More publications are surfacing about how the devalued dollar can go farther in other parts of the world. I know this country is not perfect and to those who decide to leave I wish them well because moving to another country might not be the answer for everyone. Americans have been well documented in being able to put up a good fight but when it comes to having to fight your own government elected officials as every other week there is some type of scandal uncovered on our government officials it makes you want to stop and think, let’s see Hummmm a tropical Island doesn’t sound like a bad idea after all.

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