Airline tickets and Airport fees are through the roof!

Well enough is enough and we just don’t have to take it any longer! I am hearing almost daily from friends about the high cost of airline tickets which leads to talk about baggage fees and crowded coach seating having to pay for a lot of services which years ago the airline use to have the same services for free to attract more travelers.

Well it’s time for a Family “Road Trip!” There are so so many places to visit right here in the United States and deals that make a break away very inexpensive.

I will take you to one of the stops we made this past summer and we could have flown but did we NAHhh.  The reason was we wanted to actually travel just as our parents did before us and their parents before them and wouldn’t you know it we loved it!

We stopped at truck stops out in the middle of nowhere and Loved it !

We would drive while viewing some of the most beautiful countryside.

Stop and eat when we saw something tempting 🙂

Then drive some more until we got tired and the sunset.

Find us a nice inexpensive Motel/Hotel and sleep in comfort.


Where we decided to spend a couple of days and visit a few places in the area.

How about this for a novelty ?

The Broadmoor

In 1880, tuberculosis patient Willie Wilcox came west, seeking his fortune and hoping to find a cure for his illness. He bought the land at the base of Cheyenne Mountain and established a small dairy farm, but his inexperience with animals became his undoing. Wilcox formed a partnership with Prussian Count named James Pourtales who had also come west to seek romance and fortune. Pourtales had grand designs and decided the only way to make a truly decent profit was to create an upper-class suburb of Colorado Springs with numerous amenities. Thus was born The Broadmoor Land and Investment Company in 1890. To entice buyers, Pourtales built the Broadmoor Casino, followed soon after by a small hotel. Financial problems forced the Count into receivership and the hotel and casino were turned into a boarding house and day school for girls. On May 9, 1916, Spencer Penrose, a Philadelphia entrepreneur who had made his fortune in mining, purchased the casino, hotel and an adjoining 400 acres. His dream was to turn the Pikes Peak region into the most interesting, multi-faceted resort area that could be imagined. The New York firm of Warren and Wetmore designed the structure and construction began on May 20, 1917. Skilled artisans were brought from Europe to create The Broadmoor’s elaborate moldings, embellishments and paintings. An 18-hole golf course was designed by master golf-course architect, Donald Ross.


Park History

By the 1870’s, the railroads had forged their way west. In 1871, General William Jackson Palmer founded Colorado Springs
while extending the lines of his Denver and Rio Grande Railroad. In 1879, General Palmer repeatedly urged his friend, Charles Elliott Perkins, the head of  the Burlington Railroad, to establish a home in the Garden of the Gods and to build his railroad from Chicago to Colorado Springs. Although the Burlington never reached Colorado Springs directly, Perkins did purchase two-hundred and
forty acres in the Garden of the Gods for a summer home in 1879. He later added
to the property but never built on it, preferring to leave his wonderland in its
natural state for the enjoyment of the public. Perkins died in 1907 before he
made arrangements for the land to become a public park, although it had been
open to the public for years. In 1909, Perkins’ children, knowing their father’s
feeling for the Garden of the Gods, conveyed his four-hundred eighty acres to
the City of Colorado Springs. It would be known forever as the Garden of the
Gods “where it shall remain free to the public, where no intoxicating liquors
shall be manufactured, sold, or dispensed, where no building or structure shall
be erected except those necessary to properly care for, protect, and maintain
the area as a public park.”




2 thoughts on “ROAD TRIP

  1. Very interesting I like that. How is the family? It’s being along time we haven’t talk to each other on facebook. I am sure you both had fun. I think I’ll do one of those trip one day. I’ll be on a cruise next month.

    1. I’m glad you apprrove, how’s things in Jersey? We’ll have to talk again soon maybe you can tell me about your cruise next month 😉

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