Washington D.C. Asian Heritage Festival

I will make another attempt to cover this great Festival.

On my first attempt to share with you the fun
we had this past summer “wow” it’s hard to believe how fast the summer
has passed us by, but as I was trying to say in my first attempt while writing
this blog before being side tracked by the never ending political games being
played in our government and I promise that this time I’ll just leave it at that
(for now). 🙂

As we would say in New Orleans “Laissez les bon temps roulez”, Let the good times roll!

This weekend I was talking with my brother and we were talking about positive attitudes and how positive vibes can change even the worst conditions and believe me there were no
negative vibes at this festival, everyone was having a “Great Time!”

This is just an example of the weather we had this day 🙂

With the weather being as nice as it was that
day of course it’s picture-picture time!

The parade has started with the Nations Capitol as
it’s backdrop.

As we walk the parade route the Filipino Pride fills the air! It gives me great pride to be married to my wife as we come from two different diverse backgrounds but from backgrounds that compliment the struggle of each ours culture so very different parts of the world but still the common ground of being from a race of survivors who are able to remain positive in the worst of times and with strong family values.

                       MORE PARADE!

The end of the Parade was as good as the beginning !

Until my next post “PEACE.”

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