ROAD TRIP-Colonial Williamsburg


What if I told you that you can take a great Family weekend trip for only $178.00 + gas and meals. This is the perfect trip of 3 days 2 nights at the Clarion Hotel plus a 2 day ticket to Christmas Town Bush Gardens!

We got up Saturday morning I made breakfast than by noon we were on the road, from the house it was a two hour drive but we were there before we knew it. We checked in around 2:30pm and headed to Christmas Town Bush Gardens, just as the sun began to set and the Christmas Lights in Christmas Town were powered on!


The darker it got the brighter the Lights were! This was a great idea to get into the spirit of the Christmas Holiday.

If that wasn’t enough the Christmas music filled the night air as we  strolled the streets of a bustling English village and enjoyed sounds of Dickens-style carolers, than on to the village of Italy walking through the Polar Pathway among cascading waterfalls of light , Germany had out door tables where you could sit and enjoy the music of O Tannenbaum, In the village of Ireland we enjoyed the live performance featuring musicians and singers, France had a Ice Palace and Penguin Paradise. Lets not forget Scotland where we could just relax under the twinkling lights of a starry sky in the Scottish countryside and a visit to see the Clydesdales at the Highland Stables.

As it started to get late and we had promised to visit with friends in the area we head for the exit as tomorrow we would see Colonial Williamsburg! “ARRIVEDERCI.”

In the 18th century, an occasion like the arrival of a new governor, the King’s birth night, or a festive ball was celebrated with fireworks, bonfires, and lighting of candles in the windows or cupolas of public buildings and private homes.

The tradition of Grand Illumination began in 1934 with the first re-creation of an 18th century
Christmas in Williamsburg with a “White Lighting.” This event featured single candles in the windows of the Historic Area’s restored and reconstructed buildings as well as garlands and greens on the outside of the buildings.


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