September than it must be “OKTOBERFEST!”

 Someone once said that if it’s September than it must be “OKTOBERFEST!”

I moved from Europe in 2009 and it is hard for me to believe that 7 years has past so quickly. Oh how I truly miss this time of the year in Germany!

During my stay in Germany I was able to enjoy one of the greatest times of the year there other than Christmas to be cover later, and I just thought that I would share with my readers.

I borrowed this video from Harriman Travels due the fact that when I went to the Hofbräuhaus in Munich, Germany after a couple Liters of Augustiner Beer or maybe it was the Helles Lagers I forgot to take pictures much less video 🙂 Actually I do remember taking a video I just can’t remember where I stored it, really good Beer !

There is no other place in the world where you will be able to experience yodeling in the Alps


    Explore Medieval Castles

    Sip Wine in Gothic Cellar

 Or discover War World II Historical sites, such as the one Nuremberg where Adolf Hitler spoke to hundreds of soldiers.

  Visit to the Black Forest

 Sample some orginal Black Forest Cake UUmmmm !

 How about an evening walk and dinner on the Rhine River.

So much to see and so little time I hope you enjoyed a quick tour, until next time “PROST!”

 For up to date information on 2015 OKTOBERFEST go to

Or visit and book your next trip and better yet contact me and I’ll make sure you will have the most memorable trip of a life time!

Its Your Thing Travels – CJ Cook certified travel consultant 🙂


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